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De Afvalbeurs (the Waste Fair)

The Waste Fair: envisioning a post-throwaway society!

The Waste Fair is the first big fair after the Great Exhibition in 1851 in London that will leave you with a fundamental change of future perspective of society.
All that is on show here is made out of (or without making) waste and discarded materials. Think potato peelings, textile, food, plastic but also CO2 and construction materials. Be surprised, get inspired, become the first adapters of a post-throwaway society. And do bring your own waste!
Imagine this fair taking place in 2019 at the Rai Amsterdam or another fair venue, attracting people from all kinds of professions, young and old. With presentations, workshops, discussions and labs from big and small companies, inventors, designers and artists.

How can we make this happen?

Above proposal is inspired by the book ‘The Chrystal Palace’ by Peter Sloterdijk.  I am talking to many people, companies, policy makers to discover what it needs to make this fair happen. There are so many people engaged in tackling our waste problems and how great to connect all these pioneers within one event!

Updates on this proposal coming soon. If you would like to know more, please feel welcome to contact me.

By the way: did you know that waste derives from vaste, which means endless possibilities?