Pitching ideas and generating movement is like throwing snowballs >>

Giving out a business card saying Throwing Snowballs is often the start of an animated conversation. As an independent curator, lecturer and cultural advisor I need many conversations to transform ideas into real projects. And while doing so, I get people moving, buzzing, walking and rolling in the same direction.

In other words Throwing Snowballs functions as a creative catalyst and that’s what I like doing most.

Be it the start up of a cultural platform, an advise on a new creative strategy or a practical workshop on a social issue, the involvement and participation of diverse groups is often part of the game. By throwing snowballs I challenge the people I work with, getting them out of their comfort zone and knowing that some balls will roll and some will not.

I invite you to feel free to catch a snowball or throw* one back!

Joanna van der Zanden

*Throwing a good snowball requires a talent to engage others, a pragmatic approach, good feeling for timing, flexible navigation skills and the willingness to get off moral high horses.

Latest snowball: Repair Society