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Bosch Geluk

De Academie voor Beeldvorming, It matters what you do – It doesn’t matter what you do.

A temporary platform for local artists and performers.

In the second year of Reinventing Happiness we decided to invite local artists and creative makers to contibute to the program. In an open call we asked them what they would like to show or perform within the context of Reinventing Happiness (what is happiness when it is not for sale?). The variety of the reactions on this call was wide: from social design, dance performance, theatre and art installations. We decided to divide the exhibition space in two spaces: the outer space showing the art and design installations and the inner space being a white cube to function as an open studio space. This space we would program as a festival, with workshops, performances and open studio encounters. Due to the involvement of local artists and the ‘everything is possible-attitude of the museum’ Bosch Geluk was visited more often by local citizens. It was also a generous way to provide a platform for artists whom otherwise wouldn’t be presented by the museum.


-Artists: Academie voor Beeldvorming (Klaas Burger and Rieneke de Vries) in collaboration with  Janina Frye and Malou van Doormaal, Ben Acket, Monique Broekman, Marianne van Heeswijk, Lisetteh, Lucas Kastelijn, Joost van Pagée & Michiel van de Weerthof, Marthe Zink
-Theatre makers: Bint, Mees Borgman, Compagnie Kloon, Paul De Bruyne & Marjolein van de Meer
-Film maker: Niels Duffhues
-Performers / dansers: Robin Berkelmans, Bianca Tangande, Panama Pictures, Joost van Wijmen
-Designers: Jitske Blom, Social Label, Studio Boot

  • Joost van Wijmen, Encounter#3 a research on the happiness value of physical contact within a museum context


Booklet Bosch Geluk with text by Edo Dijksterhuis (in Dutch)

English translation of the text by Edo Dijskterhuis:

(insert pdf)